• MB Connect brings Remote Maintenaince through EBSI

    MB Connect Line GmbH has partnered up with Exponent Breakthrough Solutions Inc (EBSI). to introduce to the Philippines its universal solutions for worldwide remote maintenance of machinery and equipment.

    Established in 1997 by Werner Belle and Siegfried Müller, The Headquarters, including sales, is located in Ilsfeld Germany.  Technical development and production are located in Dinkelsbuehl. Its series of remote maintenance solutions began with the mbPOINT product family.  This enabled remote connections between two devices over fixed lines (PSTN) and mobile phones, before the internet gained worldwide prevalence

    MB Connect Line is ready to offer its central hosting for the VPN server platform mbCONNECT24, a cloud based solution for all mbNET routers and service specialists. The remote maintenance mbCONNECT24 cloud portal is an intelligent exchange platform with integrated user and system administration. In case of machine faults, the service specialist can log in to the platform and gain access to the machinery and equipment. The connection is established with a single click. The Data transfer itself takes place over secure VPN connections based on the OpenVPN security protocol. For machine builders and plant operators who want to implement their own service portal within their corporate network, mbCONNECT24 is also available as a pre-installed hardware system called mymbCONNECT24.

    Through EBSI, Specialists at MB Connect Line is set to make Breakthroughs in the Philippines. With its years of experience, extensive know-how in customizing solutions for customer-specific tasks, both are ready to develop more remote maintenance solutions to fit many applications!

    For more information about MB Connect line, contact Exponent Breakthrough via landline at (02) 245 - 4649 or send us an email through sales@ebsi.com.ph .