Complete Power Systems in 19" or 23"

Complete Power Systems in 19" or 23"

Rugged, Plug-in (Eurocard) Modules & Power Systems for 19" or 23" 
Rack-mount Applications

Rugged, industrial quality, plug-in (Eurocard) modules are the building blocks of ABSOPULSE’s power systems. These modules are available assembled in pre-wired 19" or 23" shelves or individually.

Our extensive range of AC/DC power supply, DC/DC converter and DC/AC inverter modules in plug-in (Eurocard) format are configured to meet the most exacting customer specifications.

ABSOPULSE Rugged Rack-mount 
Power Systems offer:

  • Almost any input/output electrical configuration
  • N+1 redundant operation and hot-swap
  • Multiple outputs
  • Expandability - as power requirements increase, more modules can be added
  • Breakers (AC, battery & load)
  • Fused distribution panels
  • Alarm circuits e.g. Form C module fail alarm
  • Low battery disconnect, battery temperature compensation
  • Meters: digital or analogue for volt and/or current
  • LED indicators
  • Front panel adjustment 
  • RoHS compliance