Railway & Transit Power Conversion Solutions

Railway & Transit Power Conversion Solutions

ABSOPULSE offers an extensive range of EN50155 compliant switching power supplies for railway environments, all designed and manufactured in-house.

Our railway grade power conversion products include DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers, DC-AC sine-wave inverters and modular power systems.

We can meet almost any electrical and mechanical configuration requirements with modified existing designs, semi-custom or fully custom solutions. Output power ranges from a few watts to several kilowatts.

ABSOPULSE railway grade power conversion products are designed for a long operational life in severe environments - our first major railway project was in 1985 and the original units are still in operation. High quality designs with traditionally large design headroom and the exclusive use of components with established reliability over many years ensure high MTBF and contribute to low life cycle costs of the units.

All heat generating components are cooled by conduction cooled heat-sink blocks for optimum thermal performance. High efficiency, full electronic protection, and surge and transients protection also contribute to product reliability. Our long-term customers include a few of the biggest names in the international railway industry.

Our Railway grade products offer combinations of the following

  • Any input and output required;
  • Single or multiple outputs;
  • EMI filtering to any standard, typically EN55022 Class B;
  • Wide operating temperature ranges including -40°C to +70°C. Wider ranges are available;
  • Wide range of options including output fail alarms, redundancy, indicators, enable/inhibit and other controls;
  • RoHS compliance.
  • ABSOPULSE railway power supplies operate in on-board and trackside electronic systems in major railway projects around the world.These projects include light rail, trams, overhead trains, underground and other mass transit systems, freight trains, and mining locomotives, in every conceivable application.