Automation Controllers

Programmable Automation Controllers & I/O Modules

Adavantech’s PAC, APAX-5000 Remote I/O, including the APAX-5620, provides an open development architecture with redundant, integrates control, information processing, and networking in a single control system. The APAX-5000 Remote I/O series, also includes the APAX-5620, which features dual controllers for different tasks, making it superior to other PAC products in the market. The APAX-5000 Remote I/O series' versatility, flexibility and scalability can fully satisfy complicated automation industry needs. In addition, This modular Remote I/O have many attractive features to reduce the effort of the engineers, such as redundant capability, high density, clamp type terminal blocks, ID switches, LEDs, writable labels with wiring information, and a flexible expansion topology. Members of the APAX-5000 series include controllers, modular Remote I/Os, backplanes and power supply modules. The APAX-5000 series can also be applied in the batch process production environments like food, beverage, pharmacy, machinery control and critical environmental systems..


APAX-5000 series, the new PAC solution from Advantech, inherits all advantages of PAC architectures, integrating control, information processing and networking in a single platform. Moreover, leveraging latest automation technology, APAX-5000 series offers a unique system architecture, including dual controllers for different tasks, allowing the same I/O with changeable controllers/couplers, and local/remote expansion with deterministic performance. All these new features make Advantech's PAC system more reliable, scalable and flexible, satisfying various complicated control and automation application requirements

One control platform for multiple domain applications

Current manufacturing processes need to include more than one mode. Food & Beverage companies in particular face shorter production runs on a wide range of products that need to be modified for different vendors, while automotive companies are dealing with changes in customer preference, aggressive competition and rising fuel costs. These cases require a mix of discrete, batch, process and motion control applications. In the past, these applications had forced engineers to use multiple controllers: a PLC for discrete control, a motion controller for multi-axis control applications, and a distributed control system or loop controller for process applications. This approach proved time-consuming and costly. Advantech PACs feature the ability to handle all these applications from a single control system. The result is faster startups through re-use of programming tools, lower maintenance costs through reduced spare parts, better information sharing among applications, and fewer support personnel throughout the plant.

Information Processing and Networking Capabilities

As information-enabled controllers, Advantech PACs continue to evolve along with the information systems executives find useful. The key technique is to get information from one level of the application to the next. This improves control system networking tremendously, allowing the network to share a common protocol for the device level, control level, and information level, providing the ability to move information from the device level to executives at the enterprise resource planning (ERP) level without new protocols or drivers. Advantech PACs feature an Ethernet-enabled architecture, delivering significant benefits for manufacturers by allowing users to effectively manage I/O control and information flow throughout the manufacturing and IT enterprise. Leveraging the high computing power of Advantech PACs also allows networks to communicate seamlessly on the factory floor with other common sets of IT capabilities like video, data and telephony. Easy access to such information is critical to making informed decisions about the capacity of an enterprise.


In the past, many PLCs required users to learn different programming software and specify networks depending on the size and complexity of the application. Advantech PACs, ranging from ADAM-5000 Series, APAX-5000 Series and APAX-6000 Series, allow the users to more closely match the controller to the needs of the application without compromising functionality or learning a new control system. Such scalability reduces the headaches and high cost associated with system redesign, lack of program re-use,and re-training.


Advantech PACs support software to satisfy both PC-based and PLC-based programmers. The .NET class library can satisfy the programmers who are familiar with high level programming languages using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, while the PLC-based users can leverage KW Software MULTIPROG which supports IEC-61131-3 compliant PLC programming languages.These flexible programming capabilities take PLC operations to the next level in many areas, such as communication, information processing, enterprise level database integration, and user interface development.

ADAM-5000 Series

ADAM-5000 PC-based controllers, including the ADAM I/O series, and ADAM-5560CE/KW Micro PAC, feature an Intel Atom D510 CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O. ADAM-5560KW PC-based controllers support 5 standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0. With the optional HMI Software and built-in VGA port, this modular remote IO can avoid using additional SCADA PC’s in their applications. This compact and powerful ADAM-5560KW Micro PAC is ideal for up to 224 I/O point applications.

Power Supplies Modules

Advantech provides DIN-rail mounting and panel mounting switching power supplies for different installation environments. The PWR-242 is a DIN-rail mounting switching power supplier, the PWR-243 is a panel power supplier and the PWR-244 is a panel mounting power supplier

Counter/Frequency Modules

Advantech ADAM-5000 frequency modules and counter modules, such as the ADAM-5080 and ADAM-5081, can be remotely configured to up / down, bi-directional, counter, frequency, and alarm setting modes. ADAM-5080 is a 4-Channel Frequency/Counter Module and ADAM-5081 is a 4-Channel High Speed Frequency/Counter Module.

Specialist Modules

ADAM-5000 modules can support a range of versatile applications and offer a lot of different functionality, including storage and AMONet modules. They can be easily configured to extend applications to support versatile applications using the same utility software.

ADAM-5030 is a 2-slot secure digital card storage module that provides 2 USB ports and 2 SD slots. It is fully compliant with USB 2.0 and FAT16 and is also low power consuming, at only 0.5W. According the volume of SD Card, you can extend the memory of your controller up 2 GB. Unlike commercial modules, it is very rugged, and has a very long lifecycle.

ADAM-5202 is a 2-ring AMONet module that provides 128 maximum slaves and supports 100-meter long distance communications. The transmission speed can support 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 Mbps with automatic data flow control. It accepts half duplex RS-485 serial interfaces with transformer isolation. This module can also function as a motion module for AMONet Master Control.

Advantech's Industrial Automation Group introduces the ADAM-5240, a 4-axis Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Control Module for use with ADAM-5550 Series PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers). ADAM-5240 is is fully integrated to fulfill general purpose motion applications. Equipped with high speed 4-axis motion control module that simplifies stepping and pulse-type servo motor control, ADAM-5240 provides advanced performance.

Digital I/O Modules

ADAM-5000 digital input/output modules offer versatile input and output type for customer integrate with our ADAM controller or remote module as equipment monitoring system or data collection device. ADAM-5053S and ADAM-5057S are our high density I/O module, each of them provide up to 32 channel input and output.

The ADAM-5050 features sixteen digital input/output channels. Each channel can be independently configured to be an input or an output channel by the setting of its DIP switch. The digital outputs are open-collector transistor switches that can be controlled from the ADAM-5000. The switches can also be used to control solid-state relays, which in turn can control heaters, pumps and power equipment. The ADAM-5000 can use the module’s digital inputs to determine the state of limit or safety switches, or to receive remote digital signals.

ADAM-5051/D/S - The ADAM-5051 provides sixteen digital input channels. The ADAM-5000 system can use the module’s digital inputs to determine the state of limit or safety switches or to receive remote digital signals.


ADAM-5000 analog input/output modules offer the different voltage and current range, thermal couple and RTD. And the different sampling rate that user can find the suitable one to fulfill their application. ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P are channel-independent and provide high common mode up to 200VDC and isolation protection

ADAM-5013The ADAM-5013 is a 16-bit, 3-channel RTD input module that features programmable input ranges on all channels. This module is an extremely cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications. Its optical isolated inputs provide 3,000 VDC of isolation between the analog input and the module, protecting the module and peripherals from damage due to high input line voltage.

ADAM-5017The ADAM-5017 is a 16-bit, 8-channel analog differential input module that provides programmable input ranges on all channels. It accepts millivolt inputs (±150mV, ±500mV), voltage inputs (±1V, ±5V and ±10V) and current input (±20 mA, requires 125 ohms resistor). The module provides data to the host computer in engineering units (mV, V or mA). This module is an extremely cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications.

ADAM-5017PADAM-5017P is a 16-bit, 8-channel analog input module that provides programmable independent input ranges on each channel. It accepts millivolt inputs (0~150mV, 0~500mV, ±150 mV and ±500 mV), voltage inputs (0~1V, 0~5V, 0~10V, 0~15V, ±1V, ±5V, ±10V and ±15V) and current input (±20 mA, 4~20 mA requires 120 ohms resistor). It also accepts high common mode up to 200 Vdc and has many protections built in, like over voltage, isolation voltage and TVS/ESD function. The module provides data to the host computer in engineering units (mV, V or mA). This module is an extremely cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications.

Communication Modules

ADAM-5000 communication modules, including the ADAM-5091 and ADAM-5095, are equipped with serial ports to enable easy expandability and bi-directional communications. The communication module, such as the ADAM-5091 and ADAM-5095, is designed to be integrated with the ADAM-4000 and ADAM-5000 series, and transmit data to each other through the serial ports..


ADAM-5560CE / ADAM-5560KW

ADAM-5560 is a Programmable Automation Controller designed for control tasks which require Industrial PC computing performance with a PLC’s robustness. The ADAM-5560 offers an Intel Atom CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O. The ADAM-5560KW features 5 standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages in Windows CE, so PLC users can develop control strategies with their own familiar programming languages. The powerful Multiprog KW Software and stable ProConOS have caused the ADAM-5560KW to become the best choice for a Programmable Automation Controller on the market today. Besides, the ADAM-5560CE offers an open platform that helps users to develop their own program using the common eVC and .NET programming environments to build compact and reliable control solutions. With the optional HMI Software and built-in VGA port, users no longer need to build additional SCADA PC’s into their applications. This compact and powerful PAC is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from machine automation to SCADA applications.