Circuit & Load Protection

Circuit & Load Protection

Circuit and Load Protection products protect solenoids, relay coils, pilot devices, PLC outputs, and more. They are DIN Rail mountable for quick installation and excellent for high-density configurations. We offer electronic circuit protection modules, circuit breakers, and motor protectors including modular protection systems, bi-metallic or solid-state overload relays and surge protectors and filters. 

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers include industrial DIN Rail circuit breakers, high density miniature circuit breakers, motor circuit protectors, residual current devices, miniature circuit breakers, and supplementary protection devices. We offer many configurations, voltage ranges, and current ranges to meet your requirements.

Disconnect Switches

Our Disconnect Switches are available in both fixed- and variable-depth styles with flange- or door-mounting styles. Our switches are NEMA, IEC, and UL rated. We offer a variety of fused and non-fused versions from 20...1250 A in both open and enclosed configurations.

Electronic Circuit Protection

Our electronic circuit protection modules provide the preferred solid-state protection for secondary circuits of switched mode power supplies. Faster than the self-protection of the power supply, they are designed to accommodate inductive and capacitance loads, avoiding nuisance tripping. When they do trip, an indicator shows which of four circuits caused the fault, saving troubleshooting time.


Fuse Holders

Fuse holders provide a safe and convenient means for installing Class CC, J, and Midget fuses. These fuser holders are excellent for wire protection, small motor loads, and group protection of small motor loads.

Low Voltage Motor Protectors

Low Voltage Motor Protectors includes a broad selection of overload relays, enclosed motor protectors and modular protection systems. This product offering covers bimetallic relays and solid-state overload relays, as well as motor protection circuit breakers.


Medium Voltage Motor Protectors

Medium Voltage Motor Protectors include Bulletin 857 Motor-Feeder Protection and Bulletin 865 Differential Protection Relay to meet your motor and feeder protection requirements.

Supplementary Motor Protectors

Supplementary Motor Protectors include monitoring relays, arcing ground fault detection systems, and motor winding heaters.


Surge Protectors & Filters

Surge Protectors and Filters meet the needs of industrial surge and filter protection requirements. Our surge protectors and filters protect motor drives, contactors, capacitor bank switching and more. They mount to a DIN rail or panel.