Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring products help you keep your plant floor running productively by detecting potential equipment failures. We offer real-time protection modules, sensors, portable instruments, and surveillance software. Our XM® Series of intelligent I/O modules performs real-time processing of critical parameters used in assessing the current health and predicting the future health of industrial machinery. Apply our XM modules in standalone systems or with existing automation and control systems

9309 Emonitor Software

Bulletin 9309 Emonitor® Condition Monitoring Software suite provides predictive maintenance analysis for Allen-Bradley® XM® modules and for Dynamix™ and Enpac® portable data collectors

General Purpose Protection Modules

General purpose protection modules offer the measurements, functions, and performance that you need to monitor your rotating machinery and many larger machines. Protection monitors warn operators, and may directly shut down machines, when they detect severe conditions that could result in substantial damage or catastrophic failure. Except for our ControlNet™-enabled modules, all general purpose protection modules communicate via DeviceNet™ network.


Portable Instruments

Our portable instruments are designed to support your predictive maintenance efforts and to provide key machinery vibration diagnostics. The Dynamix™ 2500 and Enpac® Ex™ portable data collectors can measure, process, display, and store a variety of analysis functions. They serve as an integral component of your comprehensive condition-based monitoring program. We offer models that are certified for use in hazardous environments.


Our condition monitoring sensors support vibration and position measurements for most applications in environments ranging from the benign to the extreme with respect to temperature and hazardous locations. We offer two families of eddy current probe systems for applications that require measurements of the dynamic and/or static displacement of the target relative to the mounting fixture. We offer a comprehensive family of accelerometers for when common acceleration or velocity measurements are needed.


Specialty Protection Modules

Specialty protection modules provide monitoring solutions for speed, overspeed, acceleration, reverse rotation, locked rotor, thrust, case expansion, differential expansion, common process measurements and differential measurements, and temperature and differential temperature. These solutions are typically applied in the monitoring of steam and hydro turbines, aeroderivative and industrial gas turbines, turbo-expanders, large pumps, and compressors. All specialty protection modules communicate via DeviceNet™ network