The remote service platform for data logging, remote maintenance and M2M-communication*

The remote service platform mbCONNECT24 offers you a comprehensive, centralized solution for industrial VPN infrastructure. With the new remote service platform you will turn your service department into a profit center. Offer your customers a comprehensive solution for the

  • Collection and visualization of operating data
  • Monitor and send alerts, when there are malfunctions
  • Perform remote diagnosis andremote maintenance
  • Quickly and securely over the internet

Together mbCONNECT24 with the different mbNET ® versions UMTS, modem and WAN integrated provides solutions, regardless of the infrastructure on the ground.

Your benefits:

  • Your information for remote maintenance is stored in one place
  • You are allowed central user and machine management
  • Instead of notes with IP addresses and telephone numbers you use the portal as a convenient operator
  • You have access over any internet connection also over smart phones or other mobile devices

The mbNET® industrial router and / or mbSPIDER Datamodem are deployed onsite near the system and register with the portal to become accessible. Any device can be individually set, whether it is always logged in the portal, when supplied with power or only as needed. Connecting to the portal can be manually by pressing a button or by a system control via a signal to a digital input of the device. Using these mechanisms the operator decides when remote access should be possible to any particular system. The device is equipped with a modem, so that logging into the portal by signaling a call or SMS from outside can be initiated.