mymbCONNECT24 combines the advantages of a portal solution with the specific requirements of your business. You do not want a tunnel endpoints outside your company? To keep the administration, including hardware in your own company? Then mymbCONNECT24 just right for you.

As an intelligent switch with integrated user management and investment management knows this combination of hardware VPN portal and both user accounts for service personnel as well mbNET accounts for the machinery and equipment.

mbPOINT with two serial interfaces

The mbPOINT® remote maintenance units have been developed specifically for industrial applications. Due to its small and compact design they are in control cabinets and installed on DIN Top-Hat rails. These devices are optimal for analog, ISDN or GSM and provide you a stable and secure connection for worldwide operations.

The MODCOM configuration software makes the assigning and selecting of devices a user friendly experience. Various control systems are selected in the MODCOM application.

  • Access to over 60 different control systems
  • Windows software for easy configuration and selection of equipment
  • RS232/485, MPI / PROFIBUS, Ethernet / Wi-Fi
  • Password protection and automatic Call-back
  • DIN rail mounting, 10-30VDC

mbPOINT® mit zwei seriellen Schnittstelle

The RS interface can be configured as RS232 or RS485 using software and requires no extra hardware installations. The optional second RS interface allows up to 2 control systems to connect at the same time, between which you can switch online during the remote control. Via the Modi- switch, you can switch between different operating modes, so that the device as well as a standard modem can be operated and configured directly through AT commands.