Motion and Drives

Motion and Drives


Variable speed drives for small machines with three-phase 240 V 0.18 to 4 kW asynchronous motor

Discreet in size but big on performance!
The Altivar 11 range is replaced by the Altivar 12 range.
Variable speed drives for small machines with three-phase 240 V asynchronous motor

0.18 to 0.75 kW, 120 V single-phase power supply
0.18 to 2.2 kW, 240 V single-phase power supply
0.18 to 4 kW, 240 V three-phase power supply

Can be configured in its packaging
Quick start option requiring no adjustment
Intuitive navigation
Even more compact
Category 1 EMC filter
Local control on the front panel
Modbus serial link
Resistant to harsh operating environments


Simple machines for industry
Material handling (small conveyors, etc.)
Packaging (small labelling machines, small bagging machines)
Pumping applications (suction pumps, centrifugal pumps, circulating pumps, etc.)
Machines fitted with fans (air or smoke extraction, plastic film making machines, ovens, boilers, etc.)
Simple consumer machines
Handling (access barriers, rotating advertising hoardings)
Health (medical beds, running machines)
Food and drink (mills, kneading machines, mixers, etc.)
Other types of application
Food and drink (battery farming, greenhouses, etc.)
Mobile machines and small devices equipped with a power socket
Applications which traditionally use other solutions (2-speed DC motors, mechanical drives, etc.)


With servo motor and servo drive integrated in one housing, the Lexium 32i is designed for application areas requiring high precision and advanced motor control.

Lexium Controller - Motion controllers


Up to 8 synchronised axes
CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet
Simple or complex machines, compact, modular or special
Integration into standard automation architectures available on the market.

Lexium PAC is the global offer for motion control!

Intelligent combinations: Lexium Controller and its integrated software solution, combined with Lexium 05 or Lexium 15 servodrives and BSH or BDH servomotors, and connectivity solution
The answer to all your needs in all sectors, such as food and beverage, textile, electronic, metal and woodworking, etc.
Ready for immediate use.


Give your machine a new profile!

The new motion controller Lexium Controller is the optimised solution for axis positioning with embedded automation functions. Combined with Lexium 05 or Lexium 15 servodrives, you can easily design and start your applications with Lexium Controller.


Material handling (conveyors, palletisers, storage and retrieval systems) and transfer machines (gantry cranes, etc.)
Assembly machines (inserting, clamping, etc.)
Inspection and quality control machines (stress testing, etc.)
Machines working “on the fly” (cutting, printing, marking, etc.)


Servo Drives and Motors

Configuration, setting and adjustment software for Lexium servo drives


Servo drives and servo motors from 0.05 to 4.5 kW

Lexium 28 servo drives & Lexium BCH2 servo motors: Optimized servo bundles for compact machines

The Lexium 28 range is defined by AC-servo drives LXM28 for combination with AC-servo motors BCH2.
The Lexium 28 range offers predeterminated combinations to suit the requirements of motion control applications and optimize the performance of theinstallation. The bundle of a servo drive with its related servo motor is designed to cover a nominal power from 50 W up to 4.5 kW.

Servo range with best-in-class performance
The predefined servo bundles of Lexium 28 servo drive & Lexium BCH2 servo motor are optimized for easy integration & commissioning in your machine. It includes standard interfaces, embedded safety function and DC bus sharing.

Soft Starters

Altistart 01 - Soft starters for simple machines from 0.37 to 15 kW

Soft start units and soft start - soft stop units for single phase or 3-phase asynchronous motors from 0.37 to 15 kW Single-phase 110 - 230 V - 3-phase 200... 480 V 50/60 Hz - 0.37 to 15 kW*


The starting solution ...
Extremely compact, the Altistart 01 combines simplicity (easy cabling, fast configuration, etc.) and efficiency; reduces machine wear, minimises maintenance time, etc.
With TeSys® Model U, the first motor starter-controller, you benefit from a unique motor starter solution.


Small compressors, fans
Conveyors, mats
Washing gantries
Advanced systems and decentralised architectures

Altistart 22 - Soft starters for pumps and fans from 4 kW to 400 kW

Soft starters for pumps and fans from 4 kW to 400 kW 

Altistart 22 soft start/soft stop unit for 3-phase asynchronous motors


Bypass the stresses and let your applications take the strain

Integrates bypass and safety functions
Reduces your operating costs
Simplifies wiring
Protects your electrical installation
Saves space with a fully equipped product



Altistart 48 - Soft starters for heavy duty industry & pump from 4 to 900 kW 230... 415 V / 208... 690 V - 50/60 Hz