Power & Energy Monitoring System

Power & Energy Monitoring System

Power management systems designed to help manage real-time conditions, isolate problems, study trends, and control loads and generators.






PowerLogic ION8650

Leading the way in smart grid utility metering, the high-accuracy PowerLogic ION8650 meter is the premium socket / switchboard meter for grid revenue, power quality, and substation automation applications.

There are three different meter models to suit your needs according to features and functionality:

PowerLogic ION8650C for revenue metering
PowerLogic ION8650B for revenue metering and power quality compliance monitoring
PowerLogic ION8650A for revenue metering and advanced power quality analysis


IEC/DIN rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring

Energy and power quality meter for utility network monitoring

The PowerLogic ION8800 meters are rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring. They are available in three different base models:

The ION8800A is an energy/tariff meter with EN50160 compliance monitoring, waveform capture, and transient detection.
The ION8800B is an energy/tariff meter with EN50160 compliance monitoring.
The ION8800C is a basic energy/tariff meter.


Revenue and power quality meters designed to monitor service entrances and critical network locations to maximize power availability and reliability by providing a comprehensive system load profile, power quality & root cause analyses.


PowerLogic CM4000T - High performance meters for mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks

PowerLogic power-monitoring units for HV and LV networks

The PowerLogic CM4000T circuit monitors are ideal for critical power and large energy users who cannot afford to be shut down. The PowerLogic CM4000T can detect and record transient voltages that exceed the voltage withstand of sensitive equipment.

PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 - High performance meters for utility networks, mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks

Energy and power quality meter for utility network, mains or critical loads


The PowerLogic ION7550 and ION7650 each have a different feature set:

ION7550: revenue-class power and energy metering, event and min/max logging, historical logging (up to 800 channels), expandable memory, sag/swell monitoring, harmonics measurement, waveform capture at 256 samples/cycle, setpoints, digital and analogue I/O, and Internet-enabled multi-port communications
ION7650: adds symmetrical components measurement, fast transient detection, waveform capture at 1024 samples/cycle, and power quality compliance monitoring.







Power and energy meters designed for network monitoring applications like tracking real-time power conditions, monitoring network and equipment status, load trending, harmonics measurement, and alarm & event logging & reporting.




PowerLogic ION7300 series - Highly-configurable meters for feeders or critical loads

Compact energy and power quality meters for feeders or critical loads

The PowerLogic ION7300 series meters offer unmatched value, functionality, and ease of use. Used in energy management applications such as feeder monitoring and sub-metering, PowerLogic ION7300 series meters interface with power monitoring software or other energy management or automation systems to provide users with real-time information for monitoring and analysis.

PowerLogic PM800 series - Compact, modularly flexible meters for feeders or critical loads

96x96mm PowerLogic power-monitoring units for HV and LV networks

The PowerLogic PM800 series power meters offer high-performance measurement capabilities needed to monitor an electrical installation in a compact 96 x 96 mm unit. The power meter's large easy-to-read display lets you view all three phases and neutral at the same time.


Meters designed for simple network monitoring applications like tracking real-time power conditions, monitoring network and equipment status, load trending, and basic alarming and event logging.


PowerLogic ION6200 - Panel meters for feeders or tenant space

Basic power and energy meter for feeders, loads or tenant space.


The PowerLogic ION6200 helps you:

reduce energy-related costs
optimise equipment use
replace analogue panel meters


PowerLogic PM3000 series - DIN rail power meters for basic metering applications


The PowerLogic PM3000 series power meters are a cost-attractive, feature-rich range of DIN rail-mounted power meters that offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation. Ideal for power metering and network monitoring applications that seek to improve the availability and reliability of your electrical distribution system, the meters are also fully capable of supporting sub billing and cost allocation applications.




Multi-circuit metering systems that monitor power, energy, demand and ... Substantially lowers the cost-per-circuit for multi-point metering applications





EM4000 series - Multi-circuit energy meter for high density networks

Multi-circuit energy meter for high density networks

The PowerLogic EM4000 series multi-circuit energy meters from Schneider Electric enable reliable monitoring of building electrical loads with a low installation cost-per-point by combining revenue-accurate electricity sub-metering with advanced communications technology. It is ideal for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications within office towers, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centers and other multi-user environments.


PowerLogic BCPM - Branch Circuit Power Meter

Multi-circuit power and energy meter to monitor circuits and mains

The PowerLogic BCPM is a highly accurate, full featured metering product designed for the unique, multi-circuit and minimal space requirements of a high performance power distribution unit (PDU) or remote power panel (RPP). The BCPM monitors up to 84 branch circuits and the incoming power mains to provide information on a complete PDU. Full alarming capabilities ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become problems.

The BCPM has a solid-core CT option and a split-core CT option. There are three feature sets with each option: 

Advanced: power and energy per circuit and mains
Intermediate: current per circuit, power and energy per mains
Basic: current only per circuit and mains


Energy meters designed to gather the data you need to clearly understand your energy costs


Acti 9 iEM2000 series - 18mm DIN-rail KWh meters for single-phase circuits up to 40A

18mm DIN-rail KWh meters for single-phase circuits up to 40A

Acti 9 iEM2000 series Kilowatt-hours meters are designed for metering active energy consumed by a single-phase electric circuit. They provide direct measurement up to 40A without CT's or an auxiliary power supply for even greater savings in terms of wiring. Its small size lets you install it in compact switchboards such as Kaedra, Opale, and Pragma. The bottom / bottom connection of current inputs facilitates the meter's connection with its associated circuit breaker. You can use a pulse output to remotely manage a set of meters.


PowerLogic E5600 - High accuracy power and energy socket meter

High accuracy power and energy socket meter

The PowerLogic E5600 power and energy meter is easy to specify, purchase and install. Just plug it into a compatible S-base meter socket and you have a quick and easy tool to satisfy government regulations for energy saving initiatives. With its low cost of installation and ownership, and easy integration through industry-standard protocols, the meter can be paired with PowerLogic energy management software or existing systems for an economical, end-to-end solution.

PowerLogic Enercept - Split-core CT form factor for basic electrical metering

Innovative form factor puts metering inside a split-core CT

The PowerLogic Enercept meter’s three interconnected, easy-to-install split-core CTs combines highly accurate digital metering and communications electronics inside one of the CT housings. This innovative form factor eliminates the need for a separate meter enclosure, which could reduce installation costs by as much as 70 percent.

There are two meter versions available: 

Enhanced - delivers 26 energy parameters, including volts, amps, power factor and reactive power
Basic - reports power and energy








Single- or multi-function analog or digital meters for basic panel instrumentation (volts, amps, frequency, hours, pulse)











Analog AMP / VLT / iAMP / iVLT - Panel & DIN-rail mounted Ammeters and Voltmeters

PowerLogic and Acti 9 analog ammeters and voltmeters for basic panel instrumentation

PowerLogic analog AMP / VLT - Panel mount 72x72 and 96x96 analog ammeters and voltmeter

Acti 9 analog iAMP / iVLT - DIN-rail mount analog ammeters and voltmeters

Common technical data: 

accuracy: class 1.5
operating frequency: 50/60Hz
operating temperature: -25°C to + 55°C
for flush-mounted devices, two sizes: 72 x 72 and 96 x 96



CH / iCH - Panel & DIN-rail mounted hour counters

PowerLogic and Acti 9 analog hour counters for basic panel instrumentation

PowerLogic CH and Acti 9 iCH electromechanical counters monitor the operating hours of a machine or piece of electrical equipment. Giving a precise indication of operating time, these counters are used to decide when to carry out preventive maintenance.


DIN rail or flush-mounted installation
Electromechanical display.
Maximum display: 99999.99 hours.
Display accuracy: 0.01 %.
Without reset.




Digital iAMP / iVLT / iFRE - DIN-rail mounted ammeter - voltmeter - frequencemeter

Acti 9 digital ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters for basic panel instrumentation

Acti 9 digital ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters for basic panel instrumentation:

iAMP: 10 A direct current measurement or measurement via external CT
iVLT: 600 V AC direct voltage measurement or measurement via external VT
iFRE: 20 to 100 Hz measurement



CT - Current transformers

The CTs from Schneider Electic are suitable for use in the entire low voltage field, 40 to 6000A.

The primary current can be measured in two ways:
CT with let-through primary
CT with connection of primary by screw and nut


The CT current transformers deliver at the secondary a current (0-5 A) proportional to the current measured at the primary. This means that they can be used in combination with measurement devices (switchboard instrumentation, kilowatt-hour meters, power-monitoring units, etc.)


Data loggers and aggregators, gateways, and remote terminal units help measured data reach the power monitoring software for analyses. They are fundamental components in most power and energy management system architectures.


Enerlin'X Com'X - Data loggers and energy servers with Ethernet gateway function

Introduce ease and efficiency in your energy monitoring projects


Simple to design and choose

Wide range of upstream and downstream connectivity (multiple I/O connectors, Modbus)
Flexible choice of power supply (100-230 Vac, 24 Vdc, POE)
Modular and scalable to divers installation requirements
Ethernet and Wi-Fi: leverage the building's existing infrastructure to reduce cost
GPRS-ready specially for sites with no access to IT network
Third-party compatible


PowerLogic EGX100 - Ethernet gateways

Ethernet-to-serial protocol translation gateway

The EGX100 gateway offers complete access to all measurements and status information from connected devices.
Power monitoring software is recommended as a user interface because it provides access to information from any device. It also provides advanced power quality analysis and energy management reports.


PowerLogic ION7550 RTU - Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering

Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering

The PowerLogic ION7550 RTU (remote terminal unit) is an intelligent, web-enabled device ideal for combined utilities metering of water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES). The device collects, scales, and logs readings from a large number of connected meters or transducers and delivers the information to one or more head-end systems through a unique combination of integrated communication gateways.







ION Setup 3.0 - Meter configuration and verification utility

PowerLogic ION Setup software is a free, user-friendly configuration tool that provides an intuitive environment for setting up and verifying settings on PowerLogic meters and other devices.
PowerLogic ION Setup has minimal hard drive footprint and memory requirements, so it is easy to install and use on almost any Windows operating system.
New features in ION Setup 3.0:

Designed to operate on Windows 7/Vista/XP
Data log viewing and template support added for PowerLogic PM800, CM3000 and CM4000 series power meters
Support added for new IEC 61850 available on PowerLogic ION8800 meters
Configuration support for PowerLogic CM2450 power meter
Generic Modbus configuration support for Twido PLC
Generic Modbus configuration support for PowerLogic BCM
Improved Setup Screen navigation with folders for PM/CM products



PowerSCADA Expert 7.4 - combining SCADA & power monitoring softwares

Fast data acquisition, control and monitoring software for electrical distribution networks

PowerSCADA Expert software is the fast data-acquisition monitoring and control software for improving the power availability of electrical distribution networks. The software gives operators exceptional knowledge and control of their network through an intuitive, interactive and customizable interface.  With fast, consistent access to actionable information, PowerSCADA Expert operators are more effective at protecting and optimizing their electrical distribution network, thereby improving both its efficiency and productivity.  

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert 7 - Power management software that helps maximize system reliability and optimize operational efficiency

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software is a complete supervisory software package for power management applications. The software collects and organizes data gathered from your facility’s electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via intuitive web interface. Share information with key stakeholders or across your entire operation to influence behavioral changes that can save you money.

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software’s open architecture supports industry standard protocols and an expansive range of Schneider Electric and third-party devices. Leverage and optimize your existing infrastructure. Integrate with other energy management and automation systems (e.g. SCADA, BAC, DCS, ERP) or web services.



Energy management software to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy-related costs.











Power Monitoring Expert Data Center Edition - Energy management system that provides power system intelligence for data centers' power distribution system

Power Monitoring Expert Data Center Edition collects and manages data so you can optimize your facility’s performance. It provides the perfect combination of data and analysis tools to meet the unique needs of your data center, enabling relevant information sharing and user-to-user collaboration.

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert Data Center Edition connects seamlessly to your electrical assets, providing a communicating layer of intelligence across your energy enterprise, and it helps you meet your financial and operational goals. It actively monitors and analyses the electrical power distribution infrastructure of your dedicated data center facility – including MV, LV and IT floor power (from service entrance to rack).

Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition - -Energy management system that provides power system intelligence for healthcare power distribution systems

-Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition reduces your potential financial risk by maximizing power availability performance. The system contributes significantly to reduced electrical maintenance costs. It will help optimise your power distribution and availability, to help you support operational efficiency and minimize the impact of power events on your facility’s function, reputation, and finances.

-StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition increases continuity of services, even for your most sensitive medical loads. It promotes a robust preventive maintenance regimen, significantly reducing the risk of outages and increasing patient safety by minimizing complications of power failure.

PowerLogic ION EEM 4.0 - Enterprise energy management software

Enterprise energy management software

PowerLogic ION EEM enterprise energy management software exceeds the traditional boundaries of energy management and power operations software by uniting business and energy strategies across your entire enterprise while performing wide-area analysis of events and conditions.

It is a unifying application that complements and extends the benefits of existing energy-related data resources. These can include power monitoring and control systems, metering systems, substation automation and SCADA systems, EMS systems, building and process automation systems, utility billing systems, weather services, spot-market energy pricing feeds, and enterprise business applications.

Data is automatically acquired, cleansed and warehoused. Personalized, browser-based dashboards and innovative visualization and modeling tools help you accurately monitor, validate, predict and ultimately control all energy-related expenses and risks to reliability.



Conductor MDM™ - Power, scale and flexibility for your growing network

Unique and comprehensive solution adds data analytics for enhanced smart grid operations

Schneider Electric’s Conductor MDM™ establishes a seamless integration of multiple, disparate data sources, including most AMI head-end systems, RTUs and IEDs. It aggregates these data elements into a common storage management platform, the industry-leading OSIsoft® PI System. This approach allows Conductor MDM to function as an Operational Data Store as well as a Meter Data Management system, giving your utility a single, secure platform through which meter data is enriched and analytics can be applied. NIST approved-standards design enables secure integration with your supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, making current and historical data readily available to correlate with meter data and events.

Titanium Advanced Meter Infrastructure - Take metering to the next level

Smart metering platform for rollout and operation

Schneider Electric's Titanium smart energy services platform puts Schneider Electric's information management services expertise to work to not only achieve effective AMI deployment but also maximize subsequent smart metering returns. It’s an innovative, and award winning, solution that makes large-scale AMI rollout and its continuing benefits — lower operational costs, improved end-customer services and smarter, sustainable energy — a reality for any utility.