Power Circuit breakers & Switches



Compact INS/INV - Switch disconnectors from 40 A to 2500 A

By adapting to a whole host of LV applications, the Compact INS/INV switch-disconnectors offer all the safety that the user requires.
Designed for maximum performance and safety, this comprehensive and homogeneous range operates with a wide choice of accessories and auxiliaries.



Compact NS switch-disconnectors - Switch disconnectors with free-tripping 630 to 3200

Designed for maximum performance and safety, this comprehensive and homogeneous range operates with the connection accessories shared with the Compact NS range.



Masterpact Switch-disconnectors - High current switch disconnectors from 630 A to 6300 A

Aiming at standardising electrical switchboards at a time when installations are increasingly complex, Masterpact provides an unequalled simplicity, both concerning choice and installation..


EasyPact MVS - ACB rated for 800 to 4000 A, ideal for installation on the incomers of electrical switchboard in a diverse range of buildings

The EasyPact MVS range is the easy choice for reliable performance. 
It provides the ideal level of capability for your installations from 800 to 4000 A, while offering the durability and ease-of use needed for the majority of applications.

Complies with IEC 60947-2 &3
Single frame size for full range
Icu=Ics=Icw (1 s) = 50 kA/ 65 kA offers complete discrimination with the downstream breakers
Suitability for 690V applications


Masterpact NT/NW UL 489 listed - High current air circuit breakers 800 to 5000 A

The Masterpact NT/NW range is characterised  by its optimised dimensions. Not only are volumes reduced but even more:
Masterpact NT: one single and optimum size, from 800 to 1200 A
Masterpact NW: two sizes are sufficient to cover needs from 800 to 5000 A

Faultless protection
Service continuity
Integrated monitoring
Simplicity of installation

Micrologic - Control units for Masterpact NT/NW and Compact NS630b to 3200

Offers all types of current protection and advanced protection, measurement and communication:

4 levels of protection against overloads and short circuits.
Built-in earth leakage protection.
4 types of measurement: A (Ammeter), E (Energy), P (Power) and H (Harmonics).
High degree of measurement accuracy for up to 150 different settings and measurements.
Protection functions are separated from the measurement functions and are managed by an ASIC electronic component.
With the StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software, you can process electrical data to optimize continuity of service and energy management.























Compact NG160 - Small size circuit breakers up to 160 A

Rated current: 16 to 160 A
3 breaking performances: 16, 25 and 36 kA under 415 V
Rated operational voltage: 500 V AC
3-and 4-pole version
NA type switch version
Fixed thermal trip unit
Earth leakage protection by associated Vigi module (upstream or downstream rigid connections)
Optional auxiliaries: position indication, tripping indication, shunt trip or undervoltage trip control, extended rotary control
Compliance with standards IEC 60947-1-2-3



Compact NS > 630A - Molded case circuit breakers from 630 to 3200A

In a strong position because of its 15 years of success responsible for its reputation for excellence, the Compact NS range is the guarantee of absolute peace of mind.

Consistency: The Compact NS range is available in 2 sizes only in order to homogenize installation dimensions
Efficiency: Equipped with electronic control units, the Compact NS circuit breakers guarantee protection and measurement of your electrical installation
Flexibility: Compact NS adapts to all your application
Open-endedness: The Compact NS evolves together with your installation interchangeable trip units, standardized accessories.


EasyPact EZC - MCCB with fixed settings, rated for 15 to 400 A, ideal for simple applications in smaller buildings

The EasyPact EZC system is the simple and universal solution to satisfy all low voltage protection needs.

Easy to choose
Easy to install
Easy to use


It's so Easy and simple

Safety and protection


Protection of any electrical installation not exceeding 50kA/415V breaking capacity in particular for residential, buildings and industries


PowerPact Multistandard - Multistandard molded case circuit breakers from 15 to 600 A

Multistandard molded case circuit breakers from 15 to 600 A

LV circuit breakers for business without borders

Industry-leading multistandard-compliant circuit breakers boasting unrivalled reliability for heavy-duty applications.
Common catalogue numbers, standardized ratings and a full range of field-installable accessories make product selection, installation and maintenance easier than ever.


Rated current from 15 to 600 A
Breaking capacity from 18 to 65 kA at 480 Vac
3-pole versions
3 frame sizes: PowerPact H (15-150 A), PowerPact J (150-250 A) and PowerPact L (250-600)
Thermal-magnetic and electronic protection available for the entire range
Common accessories and auxiliaries with Compact NSX range
Suitable for isolation
Switch-disconnector versions also available
Compliance with IEC 60947-2 and UL 489
Certifications: UL, CSA, CCC



Compact NS80H MA - Molded case circuit breakers for motor protection up to 37 kW

Thanks to its high breaking capacity and its small size, Compact NS80H MA is specially designed for the protection of motors rated up to 37kW thus guaranteeing absolute peace of mind.

Dedicated protection
Service continuity


Safety and protection


Compact NS80H MA is designed for motor protection up to 37kW


iC60LMA - Motor protection Miniature Circuit Breaker up to 40A

The efficiency you deserve

With exclusive features, the Acti 9 iC60 DIN rail MCB is definitely geared to absolute safety and improved continuity of service.

VisiSafe: for safe operation and maintenance work on circuits.
Class-2 insulation: continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.
VisiTrip: detects faulty Miniature Circuit-Breaker outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
Add-on fully immune earth leakage protection devices: better continuity of service, especially in polluted environments and networks.
Nominal current: 1 to 63 A
Large choice of breaking capacities up to 100 kA and tripping curves: B, C, D, Compliance with standards IEC/EN 60898 or IEC/EN 60947-2,
Full coordination with Acti 9 range Residual Current Devices (RCDs) and Compact NSX Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs),
Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standard IEC 60947
Operating voltage: up to 440 V AC, insulation voltage: 500 V
Optional add-on earth leakage modules: iC60 Vigi,
Optional auxiliaries: indication of state and tripping, shunt tripping, undervoltage tripping, overvoltage tripping,


TeSys GV3 - Magnetic and thermal magnetic motor circuit breakers up to 30 kW

Can be easily integrated with all configurations, thanks to their 55 mm standard width and mounting on DIN rail.

GV3 P Thermal-Magnetic Breaker:

7 ratings from 9 to 65 A used for magnetic and thermal motor protection from 5.5 to 30 kW.

GV3 L Magnetic Breaker:

5 ratings from 25 to 65 A used for magnetic motor protection from 11 to 30 kW.

Common characteristics: 

50 kA Icu breaking capacity from 40 to 65A and 100 kA Icu from 9 to 32 A, complying with international standards and certifications.
Product compacity: 55 mm standard width provides an easier installation in the panel and space saving, mounting on DIN rail
Sturdiness and safety with 3-position rotary handle, front face padlocking.
Common additives parts for TeSys GV2 and GV3 ranges.


TeSys Vario, Mini-Vario - Safety switch disconnectors​

TeSys wall-mounted DOL starters LG, LJ

Enclosed DOL starters are used to control starting or stopping of the machine
TeSys motor-starter solutions incorporate 2 auxiliary contacts which allow them to be integrated in safety wiring diagrams

TeSys Vario switch disconnectors

Installed on an enclosure or in a cabinet, these rotary control switch disconnectors act as circuit load breakers
Available in open or enclosed version
Fixed on the front panel or DIN rail mounted
Padlockable versions

Thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers TeSys GV2-ME





























Vigirex RH10MP-RH21MP-RH99MP-RH197-RHU - Residual Current Relays and Toroids

Residual current relays and toroids

  • Earth leakage protection and/or indication function
  • Supply voltage:up to 525 V AC, 12 to 48 V DC
  • Available in DIN format and flush-mounted (format 72X72)
  • Wide setting and operating range
  • Operation guaranteed in less than 40 ms
  • Reduced tripping tolerance: between 0.8 and 1xIΔn
  •  RMS measurement of earth leakage currents
  • Surge category: level IV
  • Class 2 device on the front panel
  • Test and reset buttons on the front panel of the device
  • Optional live testing with or without tripping
  • Extended range of compatible sensors up to 3200 A: A type closed toroids, OA type split toroids and rectangular sensors
  • High electromagnetic immunity (EMC)
  • Compliance with international standards IEC 60947-2 and 5-1 and IEC 60755, IEC 60364, IEC 61000, IEC 60664, CISPR 11 and UL1053


Compact and Masterpact - Source changeovers from 40 A to 6300 A

The source changeovers ensure, in an optimised volume, the energy availability in critical electrical installations.

Maximum continuity of service
Optimised energy management
Simplicity of the system based on pre-tested components



Compact NSX DC & DC PV - Molded case circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors from 16 to 1500A

Molded case circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors for DC applications with a specific version for photovoltaic applications

The Compact NSX DC range of Circuit breakers and switches is designed for DC voltages from 24 to 750 V and offers:

A wide selection of models suited to many applications (1 to 4 poles up to 160 A, 2 poles from 630 A to 1200 A)
High breaking capacities with four performance levels from 36 kA to 100 kA
Fewer frame sizes: just two pole pitches (35 and 45 mm) for easy integration in installation systems (enclosure, machines, etc.)
Accessories for insulation and series or parallel connection of pole, suited to the particularities of DC applications
Fixed and withdrawable versions (3 and 4 poles, DC type)

The Compact NSX DC PV range includes circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors for photovoltaic applications with Voc up to 1000V (Compact NSX DC PV), equipped with a complete range of connection and insulation accessories (pole connections equipped with heat sinks, phase barriers, terminal shields):

4-pole circuit breakers for multi-array installation, isolating PV sub-arrays and protecting them from reverse current. Ratings from 80 to 500 A
4-pole switch-disconnectors for array isolation or as main switch. Ratings from 100 to 1500 A