Variable Speed Drives





V5-H series high performance vector control variable frequency drive (VFD) is bases on high performance vector control technology.

Vector Control 1:
Offering excellent vector control performance and insensitive to motor parameters.
Startup torque: 0.50Hz 180% rated torque
Speed adjustment range: 1:100
Speed stabilization precision: +- 0.5%
0.50Hz controllable motor stable operation with 150% rated torque (large torque at low frequency).

Vector Control 2 (Without Encoder Speed Feedback):
Precise speed sensorless vector control technology realizes AC motor decoupling, enabling the DC motorization of operation control.
Startup torque: 0.25Hz 180% rated torque (large torque at low frequency)
Speed adjustment range: 1:200
Speed stabilization precision: +- 0.2%
0.25Hz controllable motor stable operation with 150% rated torque

When applied properly, the variable frequency drive (VFD) is the most effective motor controller in the industry today. Modern VFDs are affordable and reliable, have flexibility of control, and offer significant electrical energy savings through greatly reduced electric bills.

They are used in a wide variety of applications for various reasons. For example, they are the most effective energy savers in pump and fan applications; they enhance process operations, particularly where flow control is involved. VFDs provide soft-start capabilities, which decrease electrical stresses and line voltage sags associated with full voltage motor start-ups, especially when driving high-inertia loads.

Dedicated variable frequency drive (VFD) for air compressor

High precision vector control
Closed loop constant pressure control
Multi-machine networked control
Energy saving rate, from 20% to 50%
Smart sleep and wake up function
Standard inverter (AC drive) solution, air compressor solution. energy-saving cabinet solution is available for option.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) retrofits are available for rotary contact cooled and oil-free machines. The VFD retrofit is an external, standalone option making it easy to install and maintain. The VFD option provides the ability to exactly match the compressors output to the capacity required by varying the speed of the main drive motor. This translates into distinctive benefits for the customer.


Energy Savings
By allowing continual operation at the desired pressure, the VFD can provide up to 35% energy savings compared to conventional cycling.

Utility Company Rebates
Many utility companies offer rebates (sometimes as much as 100%) for plant energy savings (contact your local power company for details).

Lower Cost of Ownership
Energy is the single largest cost in owning an air compressor. With variable speed operation, you will experience significant savings on this cost over the entire life of your compressor.

Smooth Start-Up
The VFD is soft starting, which allows for controlled acceleration and deceleration. This results in reduced stress on mechanical components and enhanced system reliability all of which extend the life of the compressor.

Additional Benefits
VFD allows precise pressure control and reduced noise level.