I-Share Edgeware

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ simplifies data and location information collection with its release of i-SHARE. An innovative edgeware, i-SHARE effectively addresses any challenges normally associated with interface software.i-SHARE edgware is a server application responsible for filtering data received from the network. Redundant data is filtered and defined events are created.

Supported features include the handling of various situations such as position calculation, gate and sensor data. The server controls the system status and exposes tag communication to business applications. The Positioning Engine produces highly accurate location data on tags in both indoor and outdoor environments as well as reliable sensor data.

Further benefit is derived from the ability of i-SHARE to conveniently “share” gathered information with multiple users via various interfaces, to a higher application level.

In order to reduce the amount effort required for system integration, as well as avoid typical interface problems, such as serialization issues, all available interfaces are web based.

Features Benefits

 Pre-Filtering Events Manage duplicate reads to optimize filter calculation process.

 Location Determination Accurate and reliable indoor and outdoor location estimation via Time Of Flight methods, position accuracy down to 1m / 3 feet (depending on environmental conditions and system design).

 Sensor Data Processing Processing of sensor data transmitted by tags.

 Scalability - Multiple sites handling Manage multiple tag events on several sites.

 Web-based administration front end Easy remote access to administration, configuration and diagnostic tools.

 Graphical configuration tools Simple and quick system calibration thanks to map importation capability to facilitate system set up, configuration and statistics analysis.

 Device Management Configuration and monitoring devices, alerts.

 Firmware Update Ability of centralized firmware updates to infrastructure devices (i-PORT, i-MARK, i-SAT)

 Simple integration Several interfaces available: web service, ISO 24730-1, Google Earth.