i-PORT H310 Handheld

The handheld form factor provides the fl exibility of a mobile device and a full functionality of an RFID reader and a computer, all in one rugged ergonomic package. As one of the most rugged handheld devices on the market, this handheld passes industry’s most stringent drop and tumble tests and provides IP64 sealing rating as well as integrated internal antennas for fl exibility to use in nearly any environment. This handheld provides long battery life for a full shift through superior power management. It is powered by a single replaceable, rechargeable battery and provides rechargeable spare battery with a charging cradle. Modular keypads, a rugged touch panel and a display that is easy to view inside and outside in direct sunlight provide users with maximum readability, ease-of-use and comfort. The handheld provides options for user-programmable functions featuring a full alphanumeric data entry system as well as special characters. Using advanced UHF radio frequency technology, i-PORT H310 Handheld Interrogator transmits and receives data at distances of more than 50 meters (150 feet) and communicates with all ISO/IEC 18000-7 transponders including Data Rich, Sensor, and Container Security Active Transponders. The standardized anti-collision multi-taghandling algorithm allows communication to tags even when thousands of tags are within the interrogator’s read zone. The handheld features Wireless LAN capability with built in 802.11 (b/g) WiFi, USB connectivity to the host using a cradle and powerful OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.



i-MARK 2, i-MARK 3 Postion Marker

The purpose of the Position Marker is to determine exact locations of especially equipped ILR® tags from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ i-Q and i-B series. As the tag passes the induction loop connected to the Position Marker, it is “woken up” and identification data from the Position Marker is downloaded onto the tag. Depending on the type of tag, current as well as previous IDs and the relative time of passage over the loop are either repeatedly broadcast or they can be read from the tag by an ILR® reader at a later time and place. Because of the excellent ability to control the inductive field limits, both lane discrimination and direction recognition are possible. The Position Marker is typically mounted near the induction loop and remains maintenance-free after setting the original parameters. Ther are two versions available: i-MARK 2 with integrated inductive antenna (loop) and i-MARK for external loops.


ILR Interrogator i-PORT M 350

Readers from the i-PORT M 350 series are the newest development in IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Intelligent Long Range® (ILR®) interrogators. ILR provides highly accurate, real-time data collection with minimal human intervention in wireless applications such as:

 identification

 tracking and tracing and

 localization of assets or personnel.

Using advanced UHF radio frequency technology, the i-PORT M 350 communicates at distances of up to 500 meters (1500 ft). The unique, highly sophisticated anti-collision algorithm guarantees identification of thousands of Tags located concurrently within the interrogator's read zone. The high rate of transmission allows communication even with rapidly-moving Tags.

Combined with other IDENTEC SOLUTIONS ILR system components, the Readers from the i-PORT M 350 series offer a leading-edge wireless, automated data collection tool that is easily integrated into advanced information systems.