CyberAudit Professional Management Software


Professional is an excellent choice for small- or medium-sized companies that need to increase key control and accountability throughout their organization. Professional offers the basics of access control—scheduled access, auditing, and reporting—plus offers many advanced features such as email notification of events, key expirations, blocking a lost key, and multiple key and delayed access.

Professional is designed for installations of approximately 500 locks, 500 keys, and 5 concurrent software users. Professional comes preloaded on the CyberAudit SP-100 server or can be installed on a computer or server. In addition to the Professional software, a complete system includes CyberLock electronic cylinders, CyberKey programmable smart keys, a Grand Masterkey, and one or more communication devices.

CyberAudit Enterprise Management Software

Enterprise is feature-rich management software that is ideal for large and/or geographically widespread installations. Enterprise is packaged on a server and offers all the features of Professional as well as advanced options like shared locks, programming any key with temporary access for a specific user, and the ability to operate one cohesive system across multiple time zones.

Enterprise accommodates thousands of locks and keys and can be expanded as needed. To assist with the management of the CyberLock database, a hierarchy of administrators can be set, allowing each manager control over the locks, keys, and people in their area of responsibility.