Husky NVR

Milestone Husky NVR

Why choose a Milestone Husky NVR solution?

  • ·         Fast to deploy and ready-to-use in just a few minutes
  • ·         User-friendly, plug-and-play solution
  • ·         Perfect match between reliable, industry-leading software and industrial grade hardware
  • ·         Installed with Milestone video management software (VMS), proven in thousands of installations worldwide 
  • ·         A selection of performance-optimized solutions designed to suit a range of user needs
  • ·         NEW! Milestone Husky Hybrids are available October 31, 2014 — a premium solution for mixing analog and IP cameras
  • ·         Flexible viewing clients for on-the-go and remote access
  • ·         Use Milestone Interconnect™ to connect Milestone Husky NVRs at remote sites to XProtect® Corporate for centralized management
  • ·         Connect multiple Milestone Husky M30 or M50s with a master/slave configuration and view video from all connected cameras by simply connecting to the master server
  • ·         Choose from more than 50 preconfigured options and use add-on licensing for a customized solution
  • ·         M30 and M50 are compatible with XProtect Smart Client®, all XProtect add-ons and third-party integrations to create a wide variety of business solutions
  • ·         Includes free Customer Dashboard to enable your installer to monitor the health of your system and proactively resolve technical issues