Enterprises and public safety agencies need video surveillance to protect their businesses and citizens. Wireless video surveillance solutions are being deployed because they:

offer comparable quality;
are rapidly deployed – a new camera can be placed in operation in a matter of days;
are a fraction of the cost of deploying wired solutions because they do not require labor intensive trenching associated with copper or fiber based installations.


City Surveillance – cover all areas and public spaces covered within the remit of a city surveillance/safe city/public safety surveillance project
Commercial Enterprise – including hotels, restaurants, office complexes, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and associated premises
Government (Federal) – border security, critical infrastructure security and ports (airport, Seaport)
Government (Local/State) – video surveillance provides coverage at town halls, libraries, museums, municipal offices, and prisons
Transportation – airports, railways, bus stations, seaports, and ferry terminals and all associated infrastructure such as car parks at airports and railways